Phantasy Star II Classic App Reviews

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Shea’s update is a fraud!

I paid for this! Why do I have to sign in EVERY time to avoid the stupid ads? What if I am in a bad internet connection area? Whoever did this should be fired!


Thank you


I won't talk about the game itself because it's a classic from the Genesis era. I want to talk about this port, I have two main issues: one is the framerate, the game shouldn't slowdown all of a sudden, and I suspect it's the app preloading the ads, second, the game should be able to be played in portrait mode, specially since the aspect ratio is 4:3, and it would make the game feel more comfortable. EDIT: Several months later, and the problems persist, despite the updates. Audio keeps skipping, and the emulation is bad overall, and SEGA acknowledging your saves might disappear is just the icing on the cake. Just emulate this game and don't give your money to such a lazy port, otherwise it's a message that SEGA can do the bare minimum and still get payed.

Wont save

The sound and the lack of save ability, waste of time.

Great classic.

I would give this 5 stars but the having to be online to save and load games is annoying and it has issues logging in to do that. Otherwise. It is awesome. Great classic. Exactly like I remember it. Plays very smooth.

Tried it again, one last time.

I'm done trying with this game, I'm not risking it, I'd rather play the emulator versions from Steam. I removed one star after downloading the latest update, can't you just make save states instead of this cloudsave insanity?

Get rid of ALL ads please

After paying for the ad removal I still get ads for other Sega titles. When I pay for ad removal I expect ALL ads to be removed.

Amazing game but cant be completed

PS2 is by far my favorite game of all time, but Sega did a pretty poor job porting it to the iPad. There are bugs all through the game, but most annoyingly is that the save doesn’t work, and you still need to use the in-game save for teleports. One accidental “no” and all progress is lost up to the point of their “save state feature”. *WARNING: spoilers ahead* 2nd, the last part of the game is bugged, so you cannot finish. When you talk to Lutz for the first time after gathering all of the Nei items and receive the Neisword, the sound bugs out, and never works again (even through saves). Sure you can live without sounds, and as you continue to teleport to Noah and continue to play all seems fine (without sound of course), but if you try to teleport back from Noah via the Neisword, which you will, it locks the game. It was fun while it lasted, but I guess I better break out the Genesis to finish this game again.....

In Game Saving

I don’t mind having ads...and I like the option to save games to the cloud, but what happened to saving my games traditionally? Now when I don’t have WiFi or cell access...I can load or save a game.


This used to be an exceptional game but they went through a major update that completely ruined the game. First, you can effectively no longer play offline which is why I got it in the first place. If you play offline you can't save your game. Second, the controls are now on-screen which obscures the image more than how they were arranged before. Don't waste your time with this unless they revert to the former version.

I love the Phantasy Star Series!!!!!

Please Sega! There are many fans of Phantasy Star here in North America (and the world)! Please consider bringing the other Phantasy Star titles (III and IV) as well as later games! A mobile version of Phantasy Star Online would be amazing! Bring over Phantasy Star Online 2 stateside while you’re at it too!

Completely Ruined

This game used to be great when this app was paid only, and the only thing wrong with was that it was 32-bit thus woouldn't function with iOS 11. The current version may be iOS 11 compatable but with it came features that nobody who owned this previously would ever ave asked for - advertistments, non-transparent controls, and not being able to save the game. This version has only persuaded me to delete it, downgrade to the last paid-only version of Phantasy Star 2 to play once last time and then delete as a casulty of iOS 11 not supporting 32-bit apps because never playing Phantasy Star 2 ever again is still an improvement over what they're giving us now.

Used to be a great game

Taking out the ability to save offline on the phone has killed the playability of the game. Not everyone has a data signal everywhere and can afford to use the cloud save system. The original version which I bought years ago had save slots and no ads. Now the game is unplayable. If I could give zero stars I would.

Wasted Hours !!!

This is the 3rd time all of my save data has been wiped because of one of their updates. I'm DONE!!! I'm NOT starting all over again because of bad programming. You are forced to update so you don't even have a choice.


Keep up the good work, would still like to see better emulation though...

But why though...

Seriously, the only people who would play this game are the die-hard old school gamers. We notice when things change (especially when it’s for the worst). The version before the update wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than it currently is now. If I had to make some suggestions for improvement, they would be as follows: 1.) Tone down the SEGA promotional material. We paid to have ads removed, that doesn’t just mean 3rd party ones, but ALL interuptions from the game. 2.) Add more customization options for screen size/aspect ratio, border/letterbox artwork, those types of things. The more options the better. 3.) Allow it so that you can move the start button to where ever because it’s in the way of the in-game dialogue and it’s unable to be moved. 4.) It would be nice if the save and audio issues were resolved, but I imagine they are being worked on so I’ll leave it at that. ——Thank you for listening——


Yeah, good job Sega for keeping the game alive. What is the point of you can’t save the game. I bought the $1.99 ad-fee local save game support, BUT IT WILL NOT SAVE. Game Center saving does NOT work. In game saving does NOT work. Also, I paid $1.99 to remove the ads... and they still pop up!!

If you already bought this game, don't update

I had been playing it for about 2 years and the latest update erased my save data. The update makes the game un playable and loaded with ads. Sega, you've really effed it up this time...


This is one of my favorite games. However this version has bugs that makes it unplayable. If the game freezes, you’re stuck and have to start over. I paid for the add free version, and suspended that if I remove the game and reload the game it may unfreeze. It did not work, and my add free game was removed, so I would have to pay again. Not going to buy it again. Don’t waste your time, or money.


Game is too long to not be able to save. The in-game save files wipe after the app closes and the developers' save requires a log in...and the log in keeps giving an error. I've had the game for like 3 months and it still isn't fixed. Don't bother.

No saving

Can not save at all. This game is way too long to try and complete without saving. Do not waste money until it gets fixed.

Saving function

Please update the cloud saving function because I almost cleared out the powerplant and I saved but when I died, I pressed main, saved, and the save is at the home screen so I lost all progress

Ruined a great game

Purchased this ages ago and the game itself is great. What’s terrible is the fact that after Sega included it on their network there are ads everywhere. For a game I already bought! Forget it.


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...look inside, look inside....

Deceptive purchase offer, use free version

I paid to have the ads removed, and iirc the in-game save feature (presumably using the Data Memory places) was also supposed to be enabled. However I still get a pop-up as EVERY time I open the game, and the in-game save feature doesn’t work. You have to save with the cloud. So what did I pay for? Everything advertised turned out to be false. The app is a good port minus some audio issues, but I can’t recommend paying for it at the time of writing this review. Hopefully the developer will fix these issues with an update.

(Edit)Wonderful Old School RPG but Horrible App

I should start by saying that I love Phantasy Star 2. It's a classic. But I'm not a fan of this app. The app does NOT save my game properly. I've had to repeat areas over about three times. I've tried multiple saves and off/online to no avail. This is a grind heavy game so it's imperative that I can save my progress. The only other minor complaints I have is the music-it's tinny (and it ain't me, I have an iPhone 7+). The direction pad is a bit wonky. Those I can live with but the lack of saving abilities is too much. Please drop a fix and I'll give this 5 stars. Developers fixed. Excellent port. Don’t know what the other reviewers are talking about.

Don't buy it

Way to ruin a game with updates

Phantasy star 2

Don’t not buy this it does not save the game, they know it and they won’t fix it.and they need to stop telling people to save it by using the top right box because half the time when you use that you get an error screen and then you lose all your progress , just fix it or quit.

Saving seems important, and yet...

For ages I couldn't cloud save via Game Center. Fine. It was annoying but I played it when I was a kid and used the in game saves just fine so I did that for a while. Now the game updated and my saves are gone. So okay, I start over. Play a while, save, accidentally back out before trying cloud saving and... local save doesn't exist. You guys. This can't be that hard. Really?

Great game now a terrible mess

You made a great game almost unplayable. Can't save progress in the game anymore, only on cloud. Cloud too slow and unreliable. Already lost 2 advanced games. Not happy. Get rid of SEGA emulator and give me back the previous version... Or give me my money back!


I played this game until a little more than halfway through. Then got into loop where the equipment screen won’t close. Ruins my entire game. Beware!

I always wish i played this game on mobile, but

ITS LAGGING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 non-working save functions - UPDATE: Fixed!

Hi, I’m looking forward to these issues being resolved; the app save feature (ads removed by paying) and the Cloud Save feature in the upper-right hand corner disk menu are both non-functional currently. Unfortunately this precludes any meaningful experience of this expansive classic of electronic literature. As a paying customer, I expect these issues will be addressed. Sega has a long historic legacy and now has the added flavor of nostalgia in the 21st century. - UPDATE: The patch update of 10/09/2017 has repaired save functionality! Epic legend awaits!

Phantasy star broken..,

When I first bought this game I lived it. But each update you guys made, broke if more and more. I never needed to be online to play before, and now an app I paid money for freezes my phone and constantly crashes. Not only that, I paid money for the game, and I was the one that got played. Fix it or return my money!


I would really love to play past the first 30 minutes of the game for the 30th time, but I’m tired of being unable to sign into Game Center to save my game presumably because of iOS 11. I am deleting this app until I hear word of an update that makes this game iOS 11 compatible. Very disappointed I can’t play a childhood classic.

Crashing Adverts

Lately the game has had advertisements that crash to a white screen and completely freeze up the app. This is on top of the in-game saving not working and the cloud save wouldn't connect last time I tried to use it, so my game never saved. Just glad I didn't get very far in it, but still annoying. EDIT: Finally caved and coughed up the money for it. Whatever, guys; take my $2 and try not to choke on it.

I don't recommend in its current state

I paid for this game prior to the updates. The original version was ad free, this one is not. Even once I restored my purchase I was continually pestered to subscribe to the mailing service. In addition to this, the game will not allow me to save my progress. I have tried both in game and by signing into my Game Center account and neither work. I enjoyed my initial play through back in 2012 but at this point there isn't much I can do with it. I can not recommend this game at this time.

Great Game Marred By Terrible Emulator

Initially when I had downloaded this game, I was excited to play one of my all time favorite RPGs and the whole reason I purchased a Sega Genesis back in the day. I quickly fired up the game, paid to remove ads, and began on my nostalgic journey. At first, the game played pretty well. I was enjoying playing and remembering a lot more of the game than I thought I would have. I did notice that the music and sound was a bit off, but the core game was still intact. And then the problems started to show up. First of all, when you pay to remove ads, you still get a splash page ad upon launching the game. This is unacceptable for having paid to remove ads. Next, you could save your game via either the save places in the game or the cloud save. I relied on the cloud save a few times in addition to the in-game save. Frequently, the cloud save said that it saved only for me to find out that it did not and I would lose an hour or more of progress. Now I have updated the game only to find out that not only are all of my in-game saves gone, but you can’t even make new ones. In addition, I have cloud saves and I can load them, but it will crash the entire app every single time. Take this review as a warning. Do not put any money towards this app! In fact, don’t even bother trying to play it at all. An epic RPG game without a working save game system is completely worthless. If I could get a refund, I would!

Game Center?

So I paid for no adds and to be able to save. So where is this Game Center I am supposed to connect to? Never mind, how do I get my money back? Ok,mr dev, every time I go to gamecenter and log in, screen with my correct email pops up, then immediately turns white and gamecenter button goes to off and screen turns white like other guy and I can’t save at all. This is really frustrating. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Ok, think I might know what I did? I paid to get rid of advertisements but says nothing about the local save, how do I get it to save now?

Great blast from the past!

It's hard to believe this game came out in 1989! Back then it was the largest cartridge game ever but memory was still a limitation so it came with a 100 page manual with maps, hints, descriptions of weapons, techniques, etc. The iOS port is pretty much an exact replica so I recommend finding that info on the web (unless you like frustration!) One cool addition is the cloud save feature which literally lets you save your game anywhere! I even saved the game during the closing credits! It's a good thing too as the regular 'data save' feature quit working about halfway through. The most annoying thing was the control buttons blocking large portions of the screen. I didn't find out until my last day playing that you could adjust the opacity! Oh well... Another bug I found: whenever I tried to use the Neisword to return to Lutz, the game froze and I had to exit and restart from my last save. (I am on an iPad with 10.3.3). I just used Hinas to get back so it wasn't a big deal. Five stars to Sega for allowing me to relive a small portion of my youth! One more thing, I paid to remove the ads and there was only one Sega ad that would pop up when you first start the game. Not as annoying as the reviews led me to believe.

What a mess this is.

I wasn't completely enthusiastic with this version of PS2. Sega put out a far more superior version came out years ago, with no ads or invasive features--it was just the game. But I guess some people got greedy and decided to pull that version, and replace it with this one, where you have to pay to remove ads. That's highway robbery any way you look at it, but I tolerated it because I adore this game and wanted to play it again on my phone (I guess I'm the typical sucker that these types of developers love to cheat). Then a new update comes out, and guess what? I can't access my saved file. At all. Every time I try, it completely crashes the app. And having a Game Center account doesn't help at all--the game has completely erased itself. But the game still manages to shove stupid ads in my face. Doesn't crash then. Way to go, Sega. *golf clap* UPDATE: It's lagging now too. Horribly. And the audio is completely unlistenable. I didn't realize "upgrade" means "to destroy the functionality of something that didn't need fixing in the first place." I will never buy anything associated with Sega again--I just can't afford to keep getting ripped off.

Assblast to the past

Game is so much fun. Nostalgia is real

terrible sound sync!

first of all, I have purchased the old version SEGA suddenly deleted it and made a new version, which has terrible sound sync God dam it! Take my money back! after. update dam! I can not retrive my previous purchase(Im the one who purchased the old version). And terrible sound sync still gets me. Just give me my money. And What about shining force? screw sega!

What have you done Sega...

So this game is horrible port. Probably used 3rd party developer to do the work, and they did the bare minimum. Here are some of the major issues. 1) Sound quality is horrible. They really need to fix this choppy/scratchy noise. 2) There's ads in the game. Even when you pay to get rid of ads, It's getting rid of only Sega's partners ads. So you still see Sega pushing their own ads down your throat. You just can't get rid of them totally. 3) Another seriously messed up part is save function doesn't work properly! When I save and close the program. It doesn't load up where I left off. This is a major problem. Until the problems are addressed this review of 1 star will remain. I encourage others to avoid this game. Shame on Sega for ruining a perfectly good classic game. I hope they take note of this review and work on the bugs. If the game is updated to correct these issues, I will re-review it. Update: So recently the app was updated soon as iOS 11 came out. The game doesn’t even load now. What a junk. Please do not spend any money on this game, better yet save yourself the aggravation and don’t even download as it won’t work.

Really mad I paid...

Kind of feel like they just stole 1.99$ from me. Doesnt reload saves. My save files are just gone. How did they get this right in the early 90's and you soft penised debatantes can't can't get it right in 2017? Poor business and even worse coding. Real professionals...

Works largely as expected

I've replayed this game more time than I care to admit so I spent the $2 for this. I'm not a huge fan of the on screen controls but it works better for an Rpg rather than Sonic. My only real gripe is that ad free isn't completely ad free and it loves to ask me if I'm interested in other products. Second big gripe is that it takes a while to access my cloud saves. If my connection is not a solid 3 bars or higher, it'll time out and boot me off. Come on. Other games that have to access Game Center works fine, why is this one having so many difficulties?

Lost my save file!!!

I was happily playing this awesome game from my childhood for the past few nights before bed..... Well today there was a mandatory update that when installed removes the in game save system! I was hurt to discover my few hours of grinding had been torn away from me and was deleted forever :( I guess the up side is that it was only a few hours and not hundreds that were lost, way to be a total rip off!!!!!!! I will never re-download this piece of crap or any other game from this shiesty developer

Phantasy Star IV please!!!

I haven’t played this iOS port much, but I was a fan of the original game. Just leaving this review to encourage SEGA to release the crown jewel of the series, Phantasy Star IV, on iOS! Loving these re-released Genesis games but I’m hoping to see my favorite on here soon!

Improvements, but...

Sound is finally fixed, but now the SRAM isn't working so you can't save the game properly without using the savestates. In other words, you still can't fully play the game offline even if you paid to remove ads, and this is because the savestates are tied to GameCenter.

Game doesn't save

This is a great idea for those whom want to play original cool games on the go. Personally, this is my favorite RPG games, but one problem remains, THE GAME DOES NOT SAVE. Really this has potential, but lacks a proper save feature, this is a major concern about playing this game. Please get this fixed as soon as possible.

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